Decentering Design



We need to reinvent our own human position in relation to all other living organisms if we want to develop meaningful and viable futures on a mutating earth.

Design has always been a powerful tool not only to speculate about new futures but as well to forcefully make us aware and question the untenable position of the current situation. Design can create moments of decentering in which we, humans, become fully aware of our erroneous understanding that somehow humans should have a central or hierarchical position on earth.

‘Decentering Design’ is part of the growing body of design practices aiming to take into account that the agency of humans far outreaches humans themselves and vice versa. We are one entity among all other entities, entangled in a multispecies achievement in which the reverberating actions of myriads of creatures continuously give rise to the world. We find ourselves in a state of radical pluralism with everything and everyone but are unable to act accordingly. ‘Decentering Design’ exactly focuses on this inability. It represents a becoming or a transformation and as such ‘Decentering Design is explicit and activistic in its intent.
Uniscape Lecture - ‘Designing with’ Towards Designing Landscapes where Species Meet - 15.03.22