Decentering Design



Close reading and discussing philosophical texts relevant to the animal question.

Semester 01 - 2023-2024 (semester)

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The seminar is primarily aimed at master students in Fine Arts, but in principal open to any master student

for Animals

Working for and with animals in spatial design and especially landscape architecture.

Semester 02 - 2023-2024 (3 days)

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Primarily aimed at students in landscape architecture but open to any bachelor or master student

Zeis the Day - Maaien met
de Zeis

Scythe mowing as a pivotal component of the grassland management initiative on campus.

21 September 2023

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Open to everyone. Limited spots. Registering is obligatory.

What is it like
to be bat?

Decentering our perspective to reflect on our relationship with the more-than-human

14&15 September 2023

Coming soon
Coming soon

Organised in the context of Stories Unfold with Toerisme Vlaanderen. 

Documents Rewriting Workshop

In this workshop, we delve into the realm of your profession’s essential policy documents from a distinctive more-than-human standpoint. Participants will explore how the human-centered lens is prevailent in the policy documents, shaping our world. Reevaluate and enrich your understanding of policy through a perspective that transcends the human-centered, opening new avenues of thought and action.

Date on request

More information on request

This workshop will be tuned to your professions’ policy documents

Decentering Perspectives through Technology

Discover the transformative potential of technologies like LiDAR, night cameras, and bat detectors in this workshop. Uncover their capacity to shift our conventional modes of perception, offering fresh insights into the landscape through a non-human-centric lens. By engaging with these tools, participants cultivate a novel perspective on landscape elements essential to the lives of non-human beings, fostering a deeper connection with the natural world.

Date on request

More information on request

This workshop can also be organised on-location.

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