Decentering Design

Semester 01 - 2023 - 2024
Dates: to be confirmed

In this English spoken, multidisciplinary seminar we look into what in recent years has been dubbed ‘the animal question’ within philosophy. Sometimes, the animal question is reduced to the debate on the moral status of animals. However important that debate is, the animal question also provides us with the opportunity for a much more thorough questioning of ourselves and our relations with the more-than-human world. What does it mean, for instance, that we consider ourselves to be fundamentally non-edible as opposed to animals? Would it be possible to look at the world through the eyes of animals – indeed, to become animals ourselves? What would it entail to recognize animals as full citizens in a mixed human/ animal society?

Throughout the seminar, we’ll be close reading and discussing philosophical texts relevant to the animal question. The seminar is primarily aimed at master students in Fine Arts, but in principal open to any master student who wants to deepen their understanding of our relations to animals and the more than human world. It is taught in the first semester at KASK & Conservatorium (HOGENT & Howest).

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Semester 02 - 2023 - 2024
Date: to be confirmed

This three day Dutch-spoken workshop is primarily aimed at students in landscape architecture but in principle open to every bachelor or master student who wants to get hands on with working for and with animals in spatial design and especially landscape architecture. Using decentering design methodologies, we explore a specific site through our own and other species senses and look at how these experiences can help us turn the site into more of a multispecies community.

The workshop is taught in the second semester at KASK & Conservatorium (HOGENT & Howest).For more information on this workshop, please contact
Semester 01 - 2023 - 2024
Date: 21/09/23

In this workshop, the technique of scythe mowing takes center stage as a pivotal component of the grassland management initiative currently underway on our campus. This endeavor, aimed at cultivating a vibrant and collaborative community, involves both students and faculty members. By participating, you become an integral part of shaping and revitalizing the outdoor spaces, where the realms of artistic education, philosophical exploration, and ecological awareness harmoniously converge.

Join us as we embark on a journey of transformation, discovery, and collaborative exploration. Your participation not only contributes to the revitalization of our campus but also enriches the broader discourse of the intersections between art, philosophy, and ecology.

Practical details for the workshop are as follows:

Date: Thursday, 21st of September

  • 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM: Scythe Mowing Training
    • Limited to a maximum of 10 participants, with 5 spots still open.
    • Registration is mandatory through
    • Training Location: Grassland area between Jozef Kluyskensstraat and Bijlokekaai.
    • Complimentary coffee, tea, and water will be provided.
  • 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM: Group Lunch on the Premises (weather permitting)
    • All attendees are encouraged to partake; kindly bring your own lunch.
    • Teachers and students are welcome to contribute delectable treats for sharing.
  • 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM: Academic Session featuring Lectures
    • Presentations by Ann De Schrijver on Grassland Management and Glen Deliège on the theme of the More-Than-Human Community.
    • Your RSVP is appreciated to help us organize the event smoothly.
    • Location for this session will be communicated soon.

The Embassy for the More-than-Human was organised in the academic year 2022-2023 to further test and develop the Decentering Design methodology. We are currently exploring how the minor can be structurally integrated in the courses offered by the KASK & Conservatory.


In the academic year 2022-2023, the minor 'KASK&Conservatorium als een meer-dan-menselijke gemeenschap' will establish the Embassy for the More-than-Human on the Arsenaalsite, Ghent. We aim to represent and defend the more-than-human community during the temporary development of this 'assumed derelict' marshalling yard. Through on-site presence and interventions, the Embassy will realize awareness of and sensitivity towards the current and future more-than-human inhabitants.   

BECOME AN AMBASSADOR and enrichen your artistic practice by exploring paths to ‘stay with the trouble’. Revive our deep-rooted kinship with all that lives and develop new stories of entanglement. As an ambassador, you will be responsible for the diplomatic relations the more-than-human community on the Arsenaalsite develops with the other residents and users. How will this community represent itself, intervene on the site, defend its use, develop partnerships, ...?

This embassy is organized within a multidisciplinary minor supported by the Nomadic School of Arts and the research center Futures through Design.



In het academiejaar 2022-2023 richt de minor 'KASK&Conservatorium als een meer-dan-menselijke gemeenschap' de Ambassade voor het Meer-dan-Menselijke op, op de Arsenaalsite in Gent. We willen de meer-dan-menselijke gemeenschap vertegenwoordigen en verdedigen tijdens de tijdelijke ontwikkeling van dit verondersteld ´vergeten´ industriegebied. Door zijn aanwezigheid en interventies zal de ambassade het bewustzijn van en de gevoeligheid voor de huidige en toekomstige meer-dan-menselijke inwoners bewerkstelligen.

WORD AMBASSADEUR en verrijk je artistieke praktijk door nieuwe paden te bewandelen (en 'to stay with the trouble´). Laat ons diepgeworteld verwantschap met alles wat leeft herleven en ontwikkel nieuwe verhaallijnen. Als ambassadeur ben je verantwoordelijk voor de diplomatieke relaties die de meer-dan-menselijke gemeenschap op de Arsenaalsite ontwikkelt met de andere bewoners en gebruikers. Hoe zal deze gemeenschap zichzelf vertegenwoordigen, ingrijpen op de site, het gebruik ervan verdedigen, partnerschappen ontwikkelen, ...?

Deze ambassade is georganiseerd binnen een multidisciplinaire minor die wordt ondersteund door de Nomadic School of Arts en het onderzoekscentrum Futures through Design.

The Arsenaalsite

The Arsenal site is a 12 hectare site, derelict (industrial) land, or former workshop of the NBMS, in the Moscou-Vogelhoek district: located near the E17 and the N9 (Brusselsesteenweg). Since 2020 on the market, the site was finally bought by Arsenal 3PK, an agglomeration of Monument Group, Danneels and Quva.